The main features of the system are:

dLCR algorithms - the dynamic Least Cost Routing algorithms allow the users to place calls without the need of manual route selection. The system will automaticly choose the less expensive route between one or more operators. If the first route is not available, it will try the next route until all routes have been checked. Rates are obtained automaticly if available or can be inserted manually.

ENUM - because Polyspeak follows international open standards, it fully supports the ability to query ENUM databases so that DID's with a correspondent SIP address won't be routed through TDM routes but in a point-to-point way.

ISN - in order to be able to reach every single internal extension with or without DID from the outside with VoIP, every Polyspeak client has its own ITAD number in the format .

Personal User Interface (PUI) - each user has the abillity to control his balance of voice and data calls, watch over all of his calls, manage and consult a private phone book, consult and directly dial from an institutional phone book which is an aggregate of all the contacts of the allowed Polyspeak contacts from each Polyspeak client, change the system access PIN which will synchronize with the IP phone, choose the interface language from one of the available, manage his Voice Mail box, send SMS's and place SIP or TDM calls through the PUI or simply by clicking on a destiny.

Admin Interface - the web management interface is very simple and straightforward, and gives you the chance to fully configure the system through a common browser. Configuring things like network configuration, operator management, routes, users, ip phones, queues, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), backups, updates and trunks become extremely simple with this kind of interface. Besides, there's a contextual help in each page.

Real Time Statistics - the full set of statistics can only be accessed by a small group of higher level users, the superuser level. Not only they can see what is happening right now, but also format data by groups or users, cost centers, operators, destinations or queues, in a monthly format.

Legacy Integration - one of the most outstanding capabilities of Polyspeak is its full integration with old legacy ISDN based PBX's. Users are mapped from one system to another, so that even with a POT (Plain Old Telephone) any user can make and receive SIP calls, whether dialing them in the PUI whether dialing the destiny ISN format.

XML Integration - Polyspeak can integrate with hotel phone system / PBX with Property Management System or Hospitality Industry using customized XML interfaces.